Joseph Herr (1834 – 1917) – Obituary – Plymouth Gazette – 1917

Our cousin Nancy Harper Fullerton  was nice enough to send us Joseph Herr’s obituary shown below, which was published in the Plymouth Mail in 1917.

Born in Nankin Township in March, 1834, Joseph Herr was the youngest son of the original Michigan Herr emigrant, Fidelius Herr and his only son to be born in America. 

He never married, choosing to live his entire life as a bachelor with his older bachelor brother Enos and spinster younger sister Clarissa  on the old Herr homestead, in Nankin Township.

He was a dashing young man in his day, as described in the obituary, riding into Plymouth with his brother Enos on a couple spirited stallions. It sounds like the townspeople were quite impressed with our young cousins, Joseph and Enos Herr.

It is surprising that Joseph and his brother were not combatants in the Civil War as they were definitely of military age, 26 and 29 years old, and sound like they would have been worthy cavalry men., but then maybe Fidelius sheltered them from the draft or enlistment somehow. He had to be tired of the military having survived Napoleon’s antics back in Achern before he left for America..

Other children by Fidelius’ and second wife, Maria Anna Hauser, who survived infancy and came over on the USS General Hamilton with their parents, were: Maria Barbara (born 1824 and married Anthony German), Marianne (born 1824 and married Francis George), and Ignatius Enoch (born 1831 I think on board the USS General Hamilton on the way to America).

 Thanks Cuz Nancy, for sending us this interesting piece.