37″ Snow Blizzards Hits Sterling VA and Washington Metropolitan Area

By Rodger M. Wood

Snow blanketed the Sterling VA area, where I live, and  the Washington Metropolitan Area, in bursts of 24 and 13 inches on Friday, February 5rh, and Tuesday February 9th.

We just dug ourselves out from the first burst, only to be snowed in the house for another four fays by the second burst.

The snow plow came through today, and I’ll shovel the driveway near the road end, but I’ll have to see a few cars driving by the house  before I venture out again, and I am a seasoned Detroit winter driver who should be used to all this snow.

During my 29 years of residency, I can’t recall Detroit ever being this bad. Fortunately for us, our power did not go out, and we had plenty of food in the ice box.

Things could have been worst and the sun is shining today. Maybe it’ll be floods from the snow melting next!.

Whatever is meant to be, will be. Oder welches Gòtt machte, konnte Männer nicht ändern.