GroB Geburtstagfeiern im Biergarten Haus oder Wood Family Celebrates Rodger’s 39th Birthday


Am 20.November 2011 aehnelte Trinken gutes deutsches Bier, Essen gutes Wurst, Sprechen ein bisschen Deutschsprache bei anderen Kunde und Feiern Rodgers 39th Geburstag beim Biergarten Haus am,, Capitol Hill” im Washington, D.C.  wie einem Feiern im Deutschland.

Drinking liters of good German wheat beer and eating lots of Wurst at the Das Biergarten Haus on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. on a Saturday afternoon, November 20, 2010, the Wood Family added a touch of traditional Germany to their festive celebration of Patriarch Rodger’s 39th birthday (at his age, you start lying about your age).  

Except for daughter Aimee, who was sick, all of his immediate family members were there to enjoy the festivities, including wife Joanne, oldest son Mark Wood, his wife, Justine, and sons Tad and TJ, son Thomas, his wife Colleen, daughters, Meghan, Katie, son Brendan, and Aimee’s husband Robin, and son Sebastien.    

As the afternoon wore on, more and more you felt like you were back in the Schwarzwald.