Our Cuz Betty Smith Celebrates 90th Birthday

By Rodger M. Wood

On Sunday May 24th our cuz Betty Duberow Smith celebrated her 90th birthday in the loving company of over 75 children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, in-laws, relatives and friends on beautiful Presque Isle in her lifelong residence of Erie PA. Betty is the daughter of Fred Casper Duberow (1893 – 1944) and Elizabeth Mary Staab (1893 -1942), granddaughter of Emil Frank Duberow (1863 – 1932) and Maria Bode (1858-1924), who is the common link between Betty’s Duberow and our Herr Family. Maria Bode was the second wife of George Gasner (1844- 1892) and after he passed away, the first and only wife of Emil Frank Duberow. George Gasner was the father of Rose Gasner (1881 – 1955) who married Fred Fidel Herr (1881 – 1944), the son of William Herr (1844 – 1894), the son of Fidel Herr Jr. (1812 – 1894) the son of the progenitor of Herr Family in America, Fidel Herr Sr. (1777 – 1862), who came from Achern, Baden to Nankin, Wayne County, Michigan in 1832. Growing up, Betty always said that our grandfather Fred Herr was her favorite uncle and my mother, and daughter of Rose Gasner, Helen Herr Wood, her favorite cousin.

Betty’s children David, Greg, Sharon, Matthew, and Christel, their children, grandchildren and even four great grandchildren, and some of the children and grandchildren of her brothers, Bernard (1920 -2012), 92-year old Paul, who was also present, sister Rita Sajewski (1921 – 1960), and even one of Herr Kuisine, Rodger M. Wood and his wife Joanne, joined in the celebration.

Betty’s sons, daughters, niece, and Herr cousin joined her in the celebration of a Mass the Saturday afternoon before at Betty’s family church, and a cook out at the house of Mitch and daughter Christel Willis following Mass.

Duberow- Sajewski-Smith Family Photo

Betty and Youngest Great Grandchild

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