Fidel and Joanna Wilsey Herr


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Hi, Looking at your website, I see some intersections in the tree branches.

I am able to trace my direct ancestor to Conrad Hare – 1816, born in Germany and married to Catharine (Kate), from Barvaria Germany, born in 1810. I find them in the 1850 (Pittsburgh), 1870 (Economy) and 1880 (Baden) census and I also have found record of their arrival into Baltimore, Jul 1840, departing from Breman, Germany.

They have 2 sons and 1 daughter that I can find. Andrew, Dec 1836, Byeren Germany (married Rachell Spong or Sprung), John, 1843, born in Baden, PA, and finally Kate, born in 1850. I descend from Andrew.

Andrew has 2 sons, of which Charles John Herr, 1871 – 1951, is my great grandfather. Conrad is the other, from which your information matches, but I show him lasting until 1947 (he’s in the 1940 census). There are also 5 daughters.


I have traced my lineage to Fidel herr (my 5th great grandfather) and Maryann have been searching for info since most of my relatives are now deceased and came across your site.

I am writing a book on my side and am curious if I can have information/ use information/pics and credit the source of course!

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