One thought on “Fidel and Joanna Wilsey Herr

  1. James Herr

    Hi, Looking at your website, I see some intersections in the tree branches.

    I am able to trace my direct ancestor to Conrad Hare – 1816, born in Germany and married to Catharine (Kate), from Barvaria Germany, born in 1810. I find them in the 1850 (Pittsburgh), 1870 (Economy) and 1880 (Baden) census and I also have found record of their arrival into Baltimore, Jul 1840, departing from Breman, Germany.

    They have 2 sons and 1 daughter that I can find. Andrew, Dec 1836, Byeren Germany (married Rachell Spong or Sprung), John, 1843, born in Baden, PA, and finally Kate, born in 1850. I descend from Andrew.

    Andrew has 2 sons, of which Charles John Herr, 1871 – 1951, is my great grandfather. Conrad is the other, from which your information matches, but I show him lasting until 1947 (he’s in the 1940 census). There are also 5 daughters.



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